Friday, November 16, 2012

Ponderings on Heian Garb

I'm getting more and more excited about diving into my Heian garb. (I know, I know, I promised a post discussing colour coordination. It's in the works.) I've narrowed my colour decision down to a few different kasane (colour combinations):

Murasaki no usuyou  (paling purple)

Purple is my favourite colour. I can barely resist recreating this colour coordination, it's so yummy! I do want to make a formal court ensemble, so I'm wrestling with deciding what colour karaginu I'd make to compliment the other layers.

Ume Gasane  (layered plum)

I really love the deep, deep hitoe, with the other layers getting gradually lighter to the outside. This is another example that's more informal. I would need an uwagi, karaginu, and mo to make it into a formal ensemble. The uwagi would be pretty easy - it would be the same colour as the light pink uchigi, maybe with some of those rounds printed onto the fabric in white. But again, the colour of the karaginu is stumping me. :-/ I've asked for help on the Tousando boards, so hopefully I'll have a more solid idea of how to coordinate my karaginu with these ensembles.

Mystery Kasane:

I don't know the name of this kasane. The closest I've found is kurenai no usuyou (paling scarlet), but it's not exactly right, either. Hmm...whatever the case, I love this so much. I've had a thing for bright blue with vibrant orange for a while now, and when I saw this ensemble, it nearly knocked me out of my chair! It's an idiot-proof choice, too, since I wouldn't have to come up with colours for the uwagi or karaginu. And it's so pretty.

Also, purple nagabakama. I know this is a modern reproduction, so I'm still not putting stock into the claim that unmarried women could wear purple hakama/nagabakama, but it does look lovely with the ensemble. I don't think red hakama would have the same visual impact.

Now to pick one, and begin hunting fabric.

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