Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sketches for Chinese New Year

I've been making up some sketches for Chinese New Year.

This is the pavilion that will be over the dining area. There will be lanterns on the north and south walls, and fabric curtains on the east and west walls. Alternating strings of large and small lanterns will go across the top.

This is the plan for the columned walkway that leads up to the pavilion. There will be alternating rows of large and small lanterns across the top of the columns, and lanterns hanging between the columns in an echelon pattern.

And finally:

The finalized design for the 2-foot tall column section - dragon body on swirling clouds. I'm going to sculpt and cast one or two different dragon heads that I can place where I like on the columns, to give each on a bit of an individual flare. The background of the columns will be painted red, and the dragon and clouds will be metallic gold.

I'm still sketching up the feet and toppers for the columns, so stay tuned.

The design for the top and base!

Now to get some posterboard... 

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