Saturday, January 12, 2013

DFW Costumer's Guild Goes to the Titanic

It was another wonderful day with the Costumer's Guild, as we ventured to the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History to see Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit. We were, of course, dressed for the period, with lots of spectacular outfits making appearances!

We met in the museum lobby, which was packed with visitors. We snapped a few pics in front of the ship's bow before heading upstairs to the exhibit. I really wish that we could have taken pics inside some parts of the exhibit, as they'd recreated a hallway, a first class cabin, a steerage cabin, and the boiler room, and it would have been fabulous to take pictures inside these spaces. Ah, well!

 (Photo by Jen)

What they did do, however, was snap our picture in front of a green screen at the beginning of the exhibit, to insert us into rooms on the ship, either the grand staircase, or the bow. We took a fabulous group shot and had ourselves put in front of the staircase.

The exhibit itself was very well done. You're given a boarding pass at the beginning of the tour, with the name of an actual passenger on the back, and at the end you can see whether or not you made it. All but one of our group survived the sinking, even those of us in steerage!

I was also amazed by the quality of some of the artifacts. There was gold decorated porcelain that looked brand new, money that had survived in leather cases, even entire articles of clothing that looked like they'd barely been touched. It was really amazing that they survived in such good condition after all that time at the bottom of the ocean.

There was a lovely gift shop at the end of the tour, which had some fabulous reproductions of the china used in first, second, and third class dining rooms, as well as reproductions of Edwardian jewelry. It was rather a treat to see that they had reproduced one of the patterns that we had seen on the surviving porcelain in the exhibit. I picked up a nice little reproduction ring for myself.

We were really well received by the museum staff and visitors, which was wonderful to see. Many people wanted pictures with us, and lots of people in the exhibit were asking us questions about the ship, thinking we were part of the exhibit itself! I had several little girls ask me if I was actually on the Titanic, one of them even asking me if I survived! lol 

After the exhibit, we headed down the street to La Madeleine for tea and cake, and good chatting. Unfortunately, the lighting in the cafe was terrible for photo taking, so I only snapped a couple of pics.

I wore my teal and black striped dress that I finished a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say, I felt super pretty when I had it on. Even though post-1900 fashion has never really been my thing, I think I may be coming around to teens era fashion.


  1. You looked gorgeous!!! I thought your dress turned out fantastic, and I'm so happy that you came and had a good time. Oh, and I'm jealous of your ring too - I didn't see that one! LOL!

    1. The ring was with all the costume jewelry right near the registers. I almost missed it, myself!

      It was a really great event, it was so great to see everyone! Your dress was fabulous, I may have to get a copy of that pattern, myself. ;)