Monday, March 25, 2013

Botan Kanzashi

It's March, which, around here, means it's Geisha month! ( just happens to be the time of year that the kimono bug bites me, and I end up buying new things and making new kanzashi. :p)

I was browsing eBay the other day when I came across this completely scrumptious red furisode that had boton (peonies) embroidered and painted all over it. It was divine, and I couldn't pass it up, so now it has a new home in my kimono collection! When I told E about it (my photographer), and how it was perfect for March, her response was, "Will it come in in time for a shoot?"

So, there is going to be a shiny new maiko shoot in the near future! Now, the maiko shoots from last year were also in March, so I do have some appropriate kanzashi already on hand, but I wanted something new for the newest member of the collection, and thought, hey, why not some more peonies?

I had never made botan kanzashi before, but after a bit of study and some trial and error, I think I manage to get it working for me.

First, I did a layer of 12 petals, alternating green pointed petals and white, doubled layer, rounded petals.

Then I did a layer of 6 double layered white petals.

Finally, I did a layer of three rounded petals, double layered with pink on the interior, with some little pearl stamens in the middle to finish it off. (They're in the cake decorating section, if you're looking for them, not the floral section!)

So, there we are, some lovely little peonies. :) I'm also going to make one large peony and a new bira bira ornament, which I should have wrapped up soon.

I'm also planning to make a new obi. I have a tie-on darara obi that would work, but I want something new to compliment the bright new colors. :) More updates to come!


  1. Very cool! I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award: