Monday, August 19, 2013

STO Jupiter Vet Update

I've been horribly neglectful of this blog for a while now, and that needs to be remedied. I posted a little while ago about the Jupiter Veteran uniform from Star Trek Online, but I never wrote anything while I was working on it before Space City Con. I didn't finish it in time for the event, but I did manage a good bit of progress.

First I made the undershirt. I used the Wrath of Khan uniform tunic, since it looks to me that the JV undershirt is in the same style, just in black.

The only thing I did differently from the last time I made this shirt is how I stuffed the quilted collar and cuffs. Instead of folding the fabric over some quilt batting and sewing in the quilting lines afterward, I first sewed the quilting lines, then I stuffed the individual sections with batting. It was similar to doing trapunto, and the finished look is much closer to how the shirts looked in the Star Trek films, so I'm super pleased with it.  The only thing I do need to go back and change is the height of the collar. It's a little too tall and a little too stiff to wear comfortably right now.

Once the undershirt was finished, I started on the uniform jacket. The uniform has a lot more details than at first it appears. There are quilted panels on the sides that are outlined with piping. Oh, and there's piping everywhere.

 The piping was an exercise in trial and error. I had never done such extensive piping before, and didn't exactly know how to go around corners properly. And, of course, instead of looking up how to do it, like a sane person, I just started messing with it until it worked out. Thankfully, I managed to get it to work with minimal flubs.

I used three packages of piping from the store, and still ran out. To get the proper division teal colour, I used some leftover stretch knit that I had dyed to the proper colour for my Class A uniform. I had intended to use that extra fabric to reline the inside of the jacket flap, but I'm horrible when it comes to doing alterations, I just hate them, and it likely would never have gotten done. So, to another worthy project goes the fabric!

Right now, I have run out of fabric from The Stash (everything so far was made from fabric I already had on hand, didn't have to buy anything!), so I need to make a trip to the fabric store to pick up more gabardine, piping, and lining so I can finish up. Until then, I have a thousand other things in the works!

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