Sunday, April 20, 2014

I finished more stuff!

I spent a few hours this morning finishing up another couple of projects. First, my Teens-era chemise. I had started it a few days ago, having been suddenly struck by the urge to inset an insane amount of lace.

First, I cut out some basic shapes from some plain muslin.

The bodice is basically just a square piece that's as wide as my bust measurement, plus a couple of inches, with a large neckline cut out of it. The skirt it a rough trapezoid shape. I wish I could remember what exactly I did to draft it out, I'm sure that would have come in handy in the future. XP

I was basing my chemise roughly off of this beautiful example from the Met.

All that inset lace! So pretty! I do love the apricot ribbons on the original, but I didn't feel like including them in mine. I didn't want to add bulk to the shoulders with those bows, and I didn't see it necessary to cinch in the waist of the chemise since, well, it'd be under the corset.

Anyway, I did alternating strips of different styles of lace, insetting every other one. Surprisingly, it didn't take as long as I expected. I may be becoming addicted to this whole...lace on everything...thing...

Once the lace was finished, I sewed the skirt pieces onto the individual front and back bodice pieces, and then stitched the rest together. The neckline is a drawstring, accented with a bit more lace, and there's some lace at the waist, as well, just in case I didn't have enough on there already.

Once the chemise was finished, I set to finishing the purple plaid Teens dress. There were only a few things to do - I had to fix the neckline, since it was just finished off with a bit of bias tape, so that was first up, then I added some lace down the center front of the bodice and at the waist, added the sleeves, and finished it with a zipper in the back.

I was so excited about how the dress turned out, that I wore it all evening. I wore it over the chemise and the 1910 overbust corset. I just love the shape it gives me!


  1. The lace application looks awesome!

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