Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Jump Dress - Finishing Touches

There are just a few things left in our look at the Jump Dress from Titanic. There are a couple of fabulous accessories that she wears, and while they often are overlooked, they certainly shouldn't be!

First up, there are these completely delicious shoes.

These were the "Anya" style of boot, created by Peter Fox. They're in the red silk of the underskirt, with black leafy embroidery, and are tied up with ribbon laces. They look to be lined in gold leather. Unfortunately, these boots aren't manufactured anymore. Every once in a while they turn up on eBay, but not so much anymore. You can find similarly shaped ankle boots by searching "Victorian ankle boot", and with a little bit of work, they could be recovered and made to look like the ones Rose wore.

Next, there's actually a matching purse!

The purse is in black silk, with a band of red beading around the center. The red section is outlined with black beads, and there vaguely floral-shaped voids in the red, which are also outlined in black. The voids are accented with black sequins. The bag's drawstrings have clusters of red seed beads at their ends, and the bag itself is lined in red silk.

Finally, we have her jewelry.

This is the original pair of earrings that Ms. Winslet wore in the film, when they went up for auction, where they fetched an astounding $25,000! There's a large faux emerald drop at the bottom, with faux diamond accents. They are screw-backed earrings, not stud piercings. She wears a matching necklace, but unfortunately, there aren't many good shots of it.

In the cut scene, she rips the necklace off during an anxiety attack, so when we arrive at the scene that was kept in the film, she is no longer wearing it.

That's it for the Jump Dress! If you have any info on the dress that I've missed, please feel free to let me know, and I'll add it in. Hopefully this proves useful to others that are making the dress, and best of luck in your sewing adventures! In case you missed them, here are the links to the other sections of the research.

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