Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1812 Overture in the Gardens

Everyone around here was pretty bummed when the Netherfield Ball was cancelled. The DFWCG had been planning to make it a group outing, and when it was nixed, it left us without an event for the month of June. But, the Fort Worth Symphony came to the rescue, as their Concert in the Gardens series planned to hold the 1812 Overture right in the middle of the month! I've always wanted to do a Regency event for the concert (they play 1812 Overture every year), and when Netherfield was cancelled, it provided us the perfect excuse!

We had opted for lawn tickets, and we knew that the gardens filled up pretty quickly, so we met up as soon as the gates opened (two hours before the concert) to grab a nice spot. We were lucky, too, because we managed to get a spot right at the front of the lawn! We were even closer than some of the table seating, which worked out pretty spectacularly.

We had an amazing spread of food! Everyone had brought something to share, and there was an abundance of sandwiches - sandwiches of every kind, pastries, tea, cider, and wine, you name it, and we had it. It was a feast of a picnic!

We spent a lot of time just chatting and having a good time before the symphony started playing. It was such a relaxed, enjoyable evening, I really hope this becomes a regular event.

The concert itself was wonderful. They played Bizet and Liszt before the Overture, which was made extra special with a fireworks display timed to the music! (These photos are courtesy of Jen of FestiveAttyre)

We were so lucky that the weather cooperated, too. It had been raining since 5AM, and didn't stop until about 3PM! We were so worried that it would be too wet and the concert may be cancelled, but the gardens were perfect, and we put down a tarp under our blankets, so we stayed dry the whole time. ^^

I didn't make anything new for this outing. I had the urge to make a new dress at about 10AM the day of the concert, but with the weather being as iffy as it was, I didn't want to rush to put something together only to find out that things had been cancelled. So, I wore my JCP Regency dress again, which was nice and comfy.

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  1. I am very inspired and jealous of your skills but I also must say that Regency era is very becoming on you! I have wide shoulders due to muscle from years of dance and when I put a regency gown on with any poof in the upper sleeve it makes my head look tiny/shoulders huge.

    You have inspired me to county despite :)