Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 in Review

At last, the year-end wrap-up post! Hey, at least it's finished before the end of January, right?

It's been a crazy year, full of all sorts of crazy projects. I think I did more hand-sewing in 2014 than I have ever done in my life, making entire garments by hand! The sewing machine definitely got a break. Here's a look at my goals, and how well I did with them.

- 50 new costume pieces - this includes finishing UFOs and stuff on the Five Foundations and Historical Fortnightly challenges; it's roughly 1 piece a week, which is totally doable

I didn't quite make this one. I got to 41 pieces (not all of which I posted about), which is nothing to sneeze at, so I'm very pleased. I didn't actually do any of the HSF challenges, but I did stick to the Five Foundations challenge, and did well with it. I'm planning to revive the challenge for 2015.  I'm not reviving the goal of 50 pieces for 2015 though, as my outlook for the year is totally different, and there are lots of concrete deadlines I'm going to be shooting for, where last year I had none.

- Build my undergarment wardrobe for all eras that I regularly portray
 I think I did rather well with this one! I managed undies for Bustle, Teens, and Regency, and started on undies for 1830s. A lot of my undies were hand-sewn, as well, especially my Regency chemises. I made four new chemises for New Orleans, all of them sewn by hand! There are lots of half-finished undies lying around in the sewing room, so I'm going to try and finish them this year. I'm going to continue working on building up my undies wardrobe, as one can never have too many chemises! I definitely learned that in New Orleans!

- Venture into a new time period
Sort of - I started on a 1905 ballgown, but only managed to cut out the underskirt and add one of the under ruffles. I'm going to continue working on this goal this year.

- learn to grade patterns using computer software
Whole lot of nope. Not even a little.

- draft more, use commercial patterns less
Somewhere along the way, this warped in my mind to "don't use any commercial patterns at all this year", and I'm proud to say, I actually achieved this! I used absolutely no commercial patterns at all, and drafted or draped everything, included my sweetheart's clothes. I am very proud of meeting this goal.

- step up my historical accuracy
Also yes! I drafted patterns off of photos of extant garments, I hand-sewed a lot of things, and I even completely copied a dress from 1817. I think I did well with this one.

- attempt to complete all UFOs
Nope. Not even close. In fact, I now have more UFOs. Ugh.

- learn more about men's tailoring
Well...not really. I made my sweetie's clothes, but there wasn't much actual tailoring involved. This is definitely going to change this year, though, as I'm making him an entirely new Regency suit for an upcoming event. Wish me luck!

- make more accessories
Yes! I made many hats! Not so much jewelry or purses, though, which I intend to step up with this year. But hats! Hats were made!

- make more patterns, digitize them, and share them for others to use
Also nope. I made patterns, yes, but I didn't ever manage to digitize or upload them. ~sigh~ 

- make more shoes

- write more tutorials
Well...I wrote one tutorial. Does that count as more?

Here are the projects I finished during 2014. Hooray for a long list of finished things!





Goals for 2015:

I want to keep things sort of loose for this year. I have a LOT of schoolwork during this Spring Semester, as I accidentally signed up for a graduate level course, and there's a metric boatload of research and writing I have to do. Spring may be rather quiet, costume-wise, as a result, as I plan to just re-wear a lot of my outfits to the events I attend in order to cut down on stress.

I do have one big goal, and that's to finish the 1905 Ballgown for Costume College. It's going to be a huge project, as I've modeled it after several Worth gowns, including the Oak Leaf gown, and there's extensive embroidery to be done.

Other than that, only a few goals have come to mind.

- make more garb for my sweetheart

- do at least one large detail oriented project (1905 ballgown is in mind with this one)

- host more costume events

- make more accessories, especially jewelry and purses

- take better costume photos of finished pieces (on the mannequin)

- do a proper wrap-up post for Charlotte 

2015 looks to be a fun year, with lots of fun events! I can't wait to see what's in store!

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