Monday, January 19, 2015

Feast of St. Voloc 2015

Right after returning home from New Orleans, I entered into a mad dash to get ready for the Feast of St. Voloc, an annual Renaissance charity dinner benefiting the Scottish Rite Hospital. Needless to say, with just 6 days to get ready, I didn't finish a new outfit or anything. I did manage to make a headdress for the charity raffle, plus a new headdress for myself, but I just wore an old gown, and my fella borrowed something from a friend. I don't know why, but the headdress I made for myself made me feel like Elizabeth Taylor in a period piece. Go figure!

We first come in downstairs, where we catch up with friends and have a look at the auction items.

Then we head upstairs for feasting and entertainment. The nobles process in, but we common folk just find ourselves a spot and tuck in.

The nobles:

A member of the court has passed away during the past year, so we had a missing man ceremony for him. Afterward was the ceremony of the grog bowl, in which every liquor known to man is poured into a bowl, as well as rose petals, sherbert, and whatever remains of last year's grog. Despite how vile it sounds, it's actually quite delicious.

Once feasting is over, it's time to mingle again.

This lady won the raffle for the headdress I had made!

Beware of Prince Henri, don't leave your camera with him!

Then we headed back downstairs for some dancing.

The evening was very enjoyable, though it seemed to be a much smaller crowd than last year. The food was atrocious, (everything was cold and flavourless, the corn on the cob had turned to mush, and there was actually mold on the break...ick), but the company was excellent, and it's an excellent time to catch up with people before Faire season starts. The headdress I made brought in over $300 in raffle ticket sales, and I committed to making another one for next year's feast since it did so well!

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