Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Ridiculous Plan

I am ridiculous. This plan is ridiculous. But, I love my sweetheart, and he loves florals even though he says he can't wear them in real life, and he puts up with me putting him in costume and dragging him to events, so I might as well go BIG and make him something spectacular, right?

Try and guess the very subtle theme to all of these pictures.

You guessed it...buttons! That's not what you guessed? Good, because it's not buttons at all. XP

Yup, ridiculous amounts of embroidery. Tiny all-over patterns, giant pocket embroiderypaloozas, even the buttons are embroidered! I'm excited and anxious all at once. I've wanted to make a big fantastic embroidered outfit like this for a long time, but I don't wear men's clothes and I've never had anyone in my life that would put up with my costume shenanigans before, so I'm really excited to finally get to make something super spectacular like this. One the other side, it's a lot of embroidery, and he'd need it for either September or November, depending on how my birthday plans shape up, so there's a lot to be done in a very short amount of time.

So, here are the preliminary plans :

Waistcoat in cream or pale gold with all-over embroidery pattern and denser patterns at centre front and on pockets.

Coat in navy, either solid or with a subtle dot/diamond pattern like some of the above. Embroidery freakin' everywhere.

Trousers in navy. No embroidery, thankfully.

The embroidery pattern is still a question mark right now, but I'll have it hammered out here pretty soon.

And if you find me in a corner somewhere, covered in shanks of embroidery floss and sobbing, just throw chocolate at me, remind me that I did this to myself, and back away slowly.

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