Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Candy Pink Anglaise

I worked on this one up until the last minute before leaving for the Francaise Dinner, but I didn't quite have it finished by the time I boarded the plane. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one that had fallen behind in my sewing, so as soon as I landed we gathered at the hotel and spent the rest of the day finishing up our gowns! I only really had to hem the gown itself and, trim the gown, and finish the stomacher, and I managed to finish most of it that Friday before the Dinner. I finished hemming the morning of the event, just in time to start dressing!

Someday, I'll have dress finished way ahead of time. Today is not that day.

Tomorrow isn't looking too promising either.

Anyway, the gown is a simple anglaise with an en fourreau back. The entire gown is hand-sewn. I couldn't justify machine sewing the gown when the petticoat was done by hand! That was a pretty large factor in my time crunch, since machine sewing would have sped things up considerably, but the dress was still finished by the event, so it all turned out okay! I'm quite proud of my tiny little stitches on this gown.

The only thing that needs major reworking is the stomacher. I mounted it on an old stays stomacher from a project that was never finished, so it's ridiculously bulky and a huge pain to pin into place. It sure didn't wrinkle, though!

The polonaising never quite happened, either. I really liked the look of the gown just hanging straight, without all the fluff. Unfortunately, the gown hem ended up being a good three or four inches shorter than my petticoat length! I couldn't just leave the gown down, so I added some quick tucks to give it a bit of draping, and called it a day. I have no idea how the gown ended up so short, but c'est la vie. I also didn't have any lace with me, so I didn't have any engageantes, so I still need to add those.

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