Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pink Possibilities

A lady in our local Costumers Guild somehow came across a metric boatload of a pepto-pink synthetic moire, and because she had nearly 100 yards of the stuff, she has issued a challenge to the group - participants would be gifted with a portion of the haul, and everyone would create something from the fabric. Next year, we'll all get together in our creations. I always love a challenge, so I jumped at it, and I now have 9 yards of moire in The Stash.

Since moire fabric has been used since the Middle Ages, there are lots of costuming possibilities. My first thought was to create one of my favourite pink gowns, this wonderful ballgown from the 1830s.

But, after receiving the fabric, I don't think what I have will behave quite like the lightweight silk of the original gown. The moire is heavy! I also have the sneaking suspicion that the sleeves would not hold those crisp pleats like in the original.

My next thought was to do something mid-1800s. There are tons and tons of pink and moire ballgowns from this period, so there were plenty of options to choose from.

(The color and weight of the fabric in the challenge is almost exactly the same as the second gown in the top row.)

Lots and lots of options, all of them very pretty. But, and it's a big one...I never wear mid-century. Like...ever. I haven't done Civil War reenactments since I was a teen, and after that I never really went back to the fashion of the time. Hoop era is just not my thing.

So, I'm a bit stumped. I did come across this lovely 18thC portrait of a young lady wearing a pink gown trimmed in brown fur, and it's so very pretty!
It's almost the same color as what I have, so I think it could work. Big bonus for being 18thC and for her having awesome hair. The 18th Century also has some other pink possiblities, and it seemed quite a popular color for the "shepherdess" look.

(That last one is an extant that was sold in an eBay auction.)

So, I'm going to toy around with some ideas. Right now I'm still in an overwhelming 18thC mood, so I'm drawn to that time period, especially that first portrait. Of course, I could forget making a gown altogether and torture my man by putting him in this!

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