Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It's been The Year of the Tiara. I have been busy making lots of shiny things, both for myself and for sale. I realized that I've been neglecting posting finished pics of everything here, so here's a big tiara post!

First, a beetlewing tiara, made to accompany a dress that, someday, I'll actually get around to making. For some reason, it seems to me like something the Queen of the Amazon would wear.

Next, a Mourning Tiara that I gifted to my friend Jen after the loss of her husband.

You've already seen the Coral Tiara, but I also made a three-strand bracelet and a simple necklace to go along with it.

A small pearl tiara, which I later sold on Etsy.

Also for etsy, I made a small coral tiara (which I kinda want to keep for myself...it's so pretty!)

A small amber tiara, which turned out slightly crooked and is being sold at a discount.

And finally, a large sapphire tiara with matching pearl earrings.

I also made some non-tiara pieces. The pearl necklace is based off one from 1814. It's become one of my favourite jewelry pieces, it's so delicate and lovely, it can be worn either with historical stuff or modern clothes. I want to make one in coral, too, but the beads I ordered are just a little too large, so I'm waiting on another batch to come in. There's also a simple coral necklace, a 3-strand pearl bracelet, and a 3-strand coral bracelet. All of these are for sale.

Whew! That's a lot of shinies! And I promise, there will definitely be more to come as the year goes on!

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