Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Regency Men's Breeches

This is a little late since I made these earlier this year, but still I'm quite proud of myself. I made...trousers. Men's trousers. This is not something I've ever done before, and I can tell you that I was really apprehensive. These things have legs.

Since I've never made trousers before, I ended up using a pattern for them. A friend was kind enough to let me trace her Laughing Moon #127, Men's Narrow Fall Breeches.  This was a great pattern to start making breeches with. The instructions were super clear and took me through every step very precisely. I did skip a few things, though. Since I was making them the week before our Beethoven event and was in a time crunch, I dispensed with the lining, and completely ignored the watch pocket. (Seriously, the watch pocket is like three pages of instructions, for something he'll likely never use.)

I don't think I'd really recommend the pattern for novice sewists unless they have a more experienced costumer helping them through it, even with the excellent instructions. The pattern is left intentionally long so you can alter it to the height of your wearer, something I neglected to notice when I was making it up, which is why my fella now has trousers instead of knee breeches. I may go back and alter the length, especially since I didn't finish the knee closures in time and we just sort of stuffed his breeches into his boots, but he likes them longer because they fit in the boots. ~facepalm~ I'm not sure what to do with them now, so they languish on my sewing table for the time being.

I do plan to make him another, shorter pair of these breeches for our upcoming balls. At the very least there is the Winter Ball I'm hosting in January, so he needs ones that are appropriate for more formal events. I want to use a different fabric for those, as well. I used a wool suiting for this pair, which was quite thick and got a little bulky in places. I'm probably going to use a twill next time around, which I think will be easier to wrangle.

Anyway, here is the only bloody picture I have of him in his breeches...in which half of them are obscured by the cloak he's carrying.

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