Friday, August 14, 2015

Two New Tiaras

These two tiaras were quite a challenge. I experimented with new things for each of them, and each of them were tricky in their own way.

The coral tiara involved cutting away pieces of the banding's design so I could place tiny coral beads into the design. Thankfully, I didn't destroy any of the banding while doing this, because I was worried that doing so would cause the banding to have weak spots or fall apart. It did neither!

The pearl one was a challenge in a different manner. Large pearl teardrops are nearly impossible to find. I scoured all my overseas sources, searched Etsy and eBay, rummaged through every craft store that was near me, and nothing came up. I finally bought some vintage lucite teardrops and attempted to paint them with a pearlescent paint. It looked terrible. I was at the end of my rope until suddenly, there they were! A set of seven large pearls, as though they'd been waiting for me the entire time.

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