Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Finished Embroidery and The Burgundy Suit Continues

If you follow my Facebook or Tumblr, then you know that THE EMBROIDERY IS FINISHED!

I took all of Monday to work on the fill pattern on the left side, but now it's all wrapped up and I can pack up my embroidery threads. This project felt like it took forever, but when I looked back at my sewing diary, it actually only took me 16 days of total work. Granted, I was doing anywhere from 5 to 12 hours of work on the embroidery those days, so if I had just done an hour here or there it would have taken much longer. I did the bulk of the work back in February, when I was trying to cram in an entire embroidered suit just before the Francaise Dinner, set it aside to drown in schoolwork, and then picked it up again at the end of the semester.

In other 18thC suit news, I dug out the pieces for M's burgundy breeches and got to work on those yesterday. Things seemed to be going pretty smoothly until I actually flipped everything right side out and saw that things had gone horribly wrong in the drop front. Ugh. So, I had to cut out an entirely new front and started over, this time working much more carefully, and it all worked out.

I still have to finish the vents on the legs and add the waistband. I'm using the Simplicity Pirates pattern, and it's working pretty well. The only quibble I have is that there isn't a band at the hem of the pant legs, and I've never seen a pair of extant breeches without a band. That's not something that will be hard to add, though, so it's not a huge deal.

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