Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Georgian Dinner

I had been trying to make this event happen for over a year. I had been to the Francaise Dinner in Georgetown last spring and the bug had bitten me. I wanted one of my own. Unfortunately, the universe being what it is, things didn't come together quite as planned. Finding a French restaurant in Dallas is difficult in the first place, and finding one that will actually contact you back is something else entirely. There were also insanely high room minimums to contend with, and eventually we settled on just making a reservation at a good restaurant and dealing with not having a private room.

The day of the event I was still sewing, so we were a little late out the door to get to the restaurant. My friend Jen had offered to let us change at her place, which was wonderful since the restaurant was a good hour and a half from home and driving in all those layers in a car without air conditioning was not a fun idea.

Traffic caused us to be even later, so we rushed to dress and make it to the restaurant, arriving fashionably last. Thankfully, the rest of the evening went smoothly! We had good conversation and good company, and it was a relaxing and fun event.

Dinner was held at an Italian restaurant in Dallas. It had some nice old world feel to it, and was decorated nicely, but, weirdly, they decided to play reggae music all night long. Otherwise, it was a very lovely evening. I'm glad that we finally had a chance to do a sort of fancy dinner, and I certainly hope that we get the chance to do more of them in the future!

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