Friday, June 23, 2017


Alright, y'all, it's official. I'm obsessed with Outlander. I love the show and its costumes, and this insanely long break between seasons is killing me. And because I have a bunch of 18thC events coming up, I went looking for inspiration pics, and Outlander always comes up in 18thC costume searches.

That got me inspired, and I started poking around to see if I could find any leaked pics from the upcoming Season 3. And I did! And there are costumes!

In this one, Claire is wearing a soft blue-grey wool pelisse with a matching grey something underneath. Jamie has on a pretty typical black coat and hat, very handsome daywear for every day sort of stuff. I like his drapey mantle thingy, too. They appear to be on some docks, which makes sense since the production was filming in South Africa, which is also where a big chunk of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. They are likely using some of the same sets.

More pelisse and drapey thing action. The pelisse has some plain looking pewter buttons and a fold down collar that looks really 1950s/60s to me, which is keeping with the whole "Claire adding her own touch to her clothes" thing that was started in Season 2.  I know they had fold-down collars like this in the 18thC, too, so it's not a total anachronism, but the shape just looks more vintage than 18thC to me.

Under the pelisse, it looks like we have this dove grey redingote!

I kept the pic large so we can get a look at all the details. It looks to be either satin or fine wool, with a silver waistcoat. The coat seems has some fabric covered buttons, while the buttons on the waistcoat look to be either pewter or fabric covered. The coat has a standing collar, and it looks like she's wearing a white cravat with the ensemble. Overall, I love this. It also looks like she's wearing what may be a quilted petticoat underneath the dress. 

I believe that dress is the same outfit as this one:

We get a few more details from these pics. Its definitely worn over panniers (yay!), and with those fitted, cuffed sleeves, looks to be the same dress worn under the pelisse. There are some big pocket flaps with nice buttons. Overall, this is a very stylish, yet practical, looking dress. Jamie's black outfit is pretty much a snooze fest, but it's very on the spot for a practical, everyday sort of outfit for a gent.

I also found this picture, supposedly from the wrap of filming.

It looks like that might be the skirt from the redingote and the shirt worn under the waistcoat. They're also definitely on a ship set, so it's likely this is in South Africa. The straw hat is a mystery since it wasn't in any of the previous shots, so maybe they've been at sea for a while and this is further down the storyline?  There's no way to tell!

Anyway, I hope this has been a bit of a help to my fellow fans currently going through Droughtlander with me.

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  1. hi! i'm so obsessed with Outlander too! Thanks for this post :D If you want to know what will happen in next episode you really should read the books! <3