Thursday, February 25, 2021

2020 in Review


Video Recap!





I know, I know, it's nearly March, and I'm just now doing my 2020 recap! It was definitely an eventful year, both in sewing terms and in just ~gestures around~ life.  

So, for starters, a lot of those icons up there are going to lead you to their YouTube videos, and not to write-ups here on the blog! I've been on YouTube for a full year now, and it's definitely been a learning experience. I did get a bit burned out because I tried to do too much too soon - I was trying to post weekly, which meant a weekly sewing project of some kind, as well as all the editing and filming that it entailed, which is a lot for a noob. Then there was the added pressure of "CoCoVid", the online alternative to Costume College that the YT costuming community (costube) put together in July. Well, that really did me in, and I took a long break from posting.

This year, I'm taking things a bit easier. I'm posting every two weeks or so, allowing myself more time for research, sewing, and just doing...more. So, doing more by doing less. Quality over quantity.

I'm still deeply in love with the 1850s right now, so there are a lot of upcoming projects in that era. I am building my wardrobe from the inside-out, so I'm planning to include some tutorials on undies and dress pieces. I'm also going to do some video essays on Victorian life in the 1850s, which I'm deep into research on right now.

I'm also going to try and be better about keeping this blog updated. Even though the channel is my main focus right now, I know that I enjoy having a write-up with pictures to study when I'm learning something new, so I'm sure others do, too!

Since there still aren't any events planned for this year, I don't really have any definite plans on what I'll be sewing this year. I have an 1850s dress in-progress right now, an 1850s wrapper up next, and the fabric for a ballgown just arrived. I have some ideas for things for the Fall, but that's still a ways away, so I'm pinning all those as a maybe.

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