Thursday, January 12, 2023

2022 in Review

Wow, this year flew past, and the projects just never really got off the ground. I started and stalled out on many, many things. I got more than a little overwhelmed at how much work it would take to rebuild all the stuff lost in my costume wardrobe. I would start on something, an event would pop up that I wanted to go to and I'd shift gears, only to get halfway through the undergarments and realize that there was no possible way I'd finish making everything from the skin out in time for the event. 

So, things languished.

But, I did manage to finish a few things. I have a couple of new Regency/1830s chemises finished, using the instructions from The Workwoman's Guide. I'm working on a tutorial for this kind of chemise, which should be up soon!

I pulled a ton of original patterns out of the Victorian fashion magazine De Gracieuse, and made a natural form crinoline and trained petticoat with some of those patterns.

Individual posts for all these items are coming, I just need to get some better pics of everything!

Near the end of the year, I finally found a focus to my wardrobe rebuild by going back to the beginning of my costuming journey, the Elizabethan period. It's where I started mumbelty years ago, and going back to it just felt right somehow. 

I also decided to really flesh out the research I include in my blog posts from now on. Instead of just the build itself, I want to include sources, books, extants, and whatever else helped me when I was putting together the garment, so that others who are trying to research the same period will have more than just a shiny blog post about making A Thing, they'll also have signposts to other places to continue their research if they want to. So, in the future, look for a bibliography and links section at the end of my posts!

Right now I'm working on finishing my 1590s pair of bodies (stays), as well as my smock (chemise), petticoat, and my farthingale. I have plans to attempt a wheel farthingale in the near future. When my undies are finished, I'll be working on a 1590s embroidered waistcoat using some pre-embroidered linen from TrulyHats. There will probably be a smattering of other eras sprinkled in here and there - I have an 1872 corset that's been in-progress for over a year but is nearing completion, and I have vague plans to maybe possibly go to the Francaise Dinner in DC this year - but I think I will keep my main focus in the Renaissance just to keep myself from going too crazy trying to squeeze too much in.

I'll also be returning to YouTube in the new year. Yes, I know, I said I was before, but I'll be coming back on a limited release schedule, aiming for one video a month, so I can focus on getting a project done without stressing myself out.

I hope everyone had a safe and healthy 2022, and that you have a great 2023! I'll hopefully be back with another post fairly soon!

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