De Gracieuse Corset Patterns - Page 1

These corset patterns were taken directly from online editions of De Gracieuse magazine. These are only the Ladies corsets, I did not include the children's and teen's corsets. All boning placement and markings are as they are on the original patterns, but the text notations for those markings were too small to read in the scans, so I couldn't include them.  There is no seam allowance included. The patterns are presented below in chronological order. Most of these patterns have a finished waist of 22-26". 
Note: Some of the patterns have bundles of lines above some of the boning channels on back pattern pieces. According to the magazine, some patterns call for four short rows of cording at the top or bottom edge of some back boning channels, in order to make the end of the boning less visible.
The groups of small, narrow lines that are on some patterns pieces that start at the edge of the pattern piece indicate grainline.

There is a word "trielje" that has two possible translations - it's either glazed linen (specifically mentioned in Dutch sources as a stiff fabric for undergarments, though I haven't seen it mentioned outside of Dutch sources), or drill fabric. Interestingly, French magazine La Mode Illustree, which printed the same patterns as De Gracieuese, translates it to "coutil", so the Dutch trielje may be their version of French coutil (though the manufacturing techniques seem to differ.) I've chosen to use "coutil" as the translation since this is a fabric most corset-makers will be familiar with, but it's not 100% certain that it's correct. 

Click on any corset to be taken to its pattern! If I've made a corset using that pattern, the link will take you to a separate post with the pattern, and the making-of info.