Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blue Taffeta Court Gown

September 30, 2008
Well, the falls season has rolled around, which means that there'll be fun new Renaissance Festivals to attend (TRF and Wassail Fest, in particular). My trip to Middlefaire this past weekend has catapulted me back into Rennie mode, and I'm ready to make some garb!
Of course, a long, long time ago, I promised my friend a court gown. I even went out and bought fabric for it before the project fell to the wayside. Well, I'm taking advantage of my current Ren-mode, and I'm finally going to make that dress for her!
The fabric I have for the gown is this wonderful iridescent blue taffeta. I finally decided to go with gold accents, but I wasn't sure on a design just yet. Then, I came across this wonderful drawing of Queen Elizabeth at prayer.
The skirt immediately grabbed my attention. I absolutely adore the paneled look with all that wonderful scrollwork, and I think I'm going to make pansied sleeves to match the skirt design. Once I get some money in the bank, I'll head to the fabric store to get the braid and such that I'll need for the embellishments. Until then, I'll spend my time sketching out the details of the scrollwork and making patterns.

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