Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fate/Stay Night - Sabers

September 2, 2008
Yet another cosplay that I'm doing because some friends talked me into it. While I never did manage to make Ingrid in time for A-fest, I have plenty of time to make Saber before A-kon, which, at this point, is a good 8 months away. Since my friends already have an Archer costume and a Rin costume, I was volunteered to be Saber.
But! I'm actually finding myself becoming enthusiastic about this costume. It's a big, poofy Victorian gown, and there's armour! And a big, shiny sword! Of course, big shiny sword means that I'm going to finally get to try out Paperweight's cardboard sword tutorial for myself. Bwahahaha! Not that I'm excited about that or anything....
Anyway, it's currently in research mode, but I'm heading tomorrow to buy the initial supplies for it. Hopefully, that means it'll get underway soon, but with me there's really no telling. :p

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