Sunday, September 6, 2009

Green Damask Elizabethan

The story of how this gown came about is long and I'm sure it's not very interesting to most people, but the rundown of what happened was this - I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, who was going to have a Renaissance theme. She told us bridesmaids that we could wear whatever we wanted, as long as it was in her colours, dark green and silver. I had chosen this beautiful Italian design, and was searching everwhere for a green damask. I finally found this lovely damask, but it was only available by the bolt, so I bit the bullet and ordered the whole 50 yard bolt.
Then, the plans for the gowns changed, and we all ended up having to order the same gown from an online site. So, I was stuck with a bolt of green damask.
Not that this was a bad thing! It's a beautiful fabric, and it's great for all sorts of time periods.
This was the first thing I made with the fabric. (Oh yes, there will be many more.) It's a simple Elizabethan/Tudor style dress, just a bodice with a bit of bling (technical term), and a simple skirt. No split skirt, no forepart, no froofy sleeves, just a no fuss dress to wear when I want to be comfy and casual.

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