Sunday, September 6, 2009

Maiko Ensemble

I really like kimono. Really, really like kimono. And, I love geisha. I think they are beautiful, I envy their numerous artistic talents, and their amazing wardrobes!
I've amassed a small collection of formal kimono, and decided one day to put together a maiko (apprentice geisha) ensemble for a photoshoot with a friend. The entire ensemble, from the kitsuke (what keeps the kimono on) to the kimono and obi, are from Kyoto. I made the kimono undies and kanzashi (hair ornaments) myself, and styled a lace-front wig into a momoware hairstyle that young maiko wear.
There are quite a few flaws with the outfit. I don't have the right obi for a maiko ensemble (theirs are 7 yards long!) so the tails in the back are a bit short. There's also a blank space on the front of the obi because, again, it's not the right style for a maiko ensemble. Also, It wasn't until after the shoot that I realized that I had the hair ornaments on the wrong way (should be on the opposite sides), but oh, well! I'm still really pleased with how the ensemble came together, even if it isn't perfect.
It was a really busy day at the gardens we went to, and people kept stopping me to take pictures. It was great fun!

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