Monday, March 28, 2011

Mush Keep Sewing

My brain has become mush. But I have to keep sewing. Mush keep sewing.

Had a hugely busy weekend. First off, I pulled the Red Contouche out from its hiding place and set it back up on a mannequin. I want to finally finish it and get the Advanced Robe a la Francaise tutorial up.
That big blue thing up there is Jin Kisaragi, at 90% finished. Just need to finish the belt and the boots, which are eating me alive. I don't think I'll ever touch another boot-covering venture again, it's been a nightmare. x.x
The black thing up there is the beginnings of Ragna, from BlazeBlu. That's actually not a skirt, but a GIANT pair of pants that are supposed to simulate pleat-less hakama. They look really smashing on, so I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.
In the veeeery back is the Monster Maroon uniform for my friend Ian. It's a Wrath of Khan era Star Trek uniform. I'm running a little behind on it, as I need to send it out before or by Monday and, well, you can see how far along I am.
So yes. Brain mush. Now, back the the sewing machine!

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