Monday, April 25, 2011

The Pointy Crown of Awesome, Part 2

The Pointy Crown of Awesome is finished! I spend the day after class running around buying supplies, which kinda ticked me off because I was trying sooo hard just to use what I had in my stash! Ah, well. The hardest thing to find were teardrop shaped pearls, because, apparently, they're elusive little creatures that are indigenous only to China. But, I did find some that would work for the project...they were glass, and cream coloured, and slightly larger, but they worked out pretty well.

So, once I got home with the new supplies, I set to work finishing the hood. First thing was to finish the prongs. They went very quickly and smoothly, and I soon had the main part of the hood finished.

I was a bad blogger after that, because I didn't take any in-progress photos of the centre...thingy...that went between the two crescents, so instead, you get a picture of the nearly finished crown!

It was nearly finished at this point, but I decided that I needed more beadcrust on the centre, so that's just what I added! Once the beadcrust was on, I felt that the crown was complete. I'm insanely happy with how it turned out, and my King Francis (to whom I will be Queen Claude) heartily approves of it, so I'm pleased!


  1. How did you get the pins to stay in?

    1. With this crown, I simply used hot glue to hold everything together. ^^; It does the job well enough, but now I've started sewing them onto the interlining, which I've been making out of canvas now and not cardboard. I give a step-by-step on how I make them now in my post about my burgundy headdress. :)