Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Queen of Middlefaire!

That's right! Yours truly is now going to be playing the Queen at our local Renaissance festival, Middlefaire! I'm insanely excited about it. I've been going to Middlefaire since it's opening year back in 2006, and have loved watching it grow over the years. It's a wonderful, relaxed faire, with a great collection of artists. It's still growing, and is still small enough that you can see everything, and still have time to talk to all the artisans, catch the shows, and relax in the pub with a nice cold beer. I love it!
So, in keeping with my new position, I'm going to need some awesome headwear. I've always wanted an excuse to make this particular Not quite sure what it qualifies as, but it's shiny and I want it. I've been told to wear something on my head that is 'appropriately queenly'. Lots of pearls and jewels, it is!

I'm also toying with the idea of making myself something large, shiny, and late-period to wear, but I haven't decided yet. But there will be ruffs! Big, fabulous ruffs.

In other news, I've been moderately productive on the black bustle gown today. I spent the entire day on a ruffle. Yup, just the one. I have the feeling that I may just be sick of pleats by the time I'm finished with this dress. But, as was the case with the petticoat, I have now run out of thread...again. And I'm still determined not to leave the house this weekend. So, guess what that means...big shiny headdress! I'll be working on that tomorrow, and hopefully be finishing it, as well, since I should have most of the supplies on hand. It'll feel good to start and finish something in the same day, I need to see something complete and not just be surrounded by projects that seem to be perpetually in-progress. So, anyway, I'll hopefully have some headdress pics to share tomorrow!

Edit: I actually wrote this post last night, and then, as the weather is wont to do here in Texas, a storm popped up in the backyard and knocked out the power. >.< So pardon the past tense, this was all written yesterday!


  1. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your Queen E project come together :-)

  2. Thanks! I'll be portraying Queen Claude of France, so I guess it won't be as late period as I would have wanted. Still, since it's a faire and not a reenactment, I think I have a little more wiggle room. :)