Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Aftermath of Khan

Things are finally getting back into a normal rhythm again after all the insanity of TrekCon. For a week afterward, I still felt like I was running at 100 miles an hour, but strangely this translated into me sitting around and clicking from one Science Channel to another while the fabric in the corner stared at me, chuckling like some sort of '30s style villain in a space flick.

What I did manage to actually do during this time was -

1) I stayed up late into the night, multiple times, tagging myself in other people's TrekCon pics. If you have some, send them to me, I wanna see!

2) I put the display pieces (the lady's Monster Maroon and the Klingon breastplate) up on eBay for other Trekkies to adopt and love.

3) I made a Pope Hat. Because every Trekkie needs a Pope Hat. Duh.

The Pope Hat:

Okay, so the Pope Hat was a commission. Someone is being epic and going to Dragon*Con as Battle Pope, and they had everything but the hat. AWESOME.

In other news, I'm dying to get into some foam latex. The foam pieces I wore at TrekCon looked really fabulous, and they're soooo much lighter and more flexible than the latex pieces I was wearing. So, the next step is to take my life, and that of the entire block, into my own hands, and attempt to ghetto build an oven for my foam pieces. There are allot of tutorials online on how to do it, and no matter how you slice it, it's cheaper to build one than to buy an oven, even if you do end up blowing up the neighbourhood in the process.

I'm also going to be getting my sewing room back because my sister has moved out again, so instead of a bunch of blurry pictures in front of the fireplace, you'll get a bunch of blurry pictures in front of a curtain-less window.

Oh, and as a sort of related and yet really not sidenote, I spent some time today rummaging around in the labyrinthine corridors and side rooms of Harris Costumes, which was basically my fantasy garage come to life. There were literally thousands of costumes on these metal pipes that were rigged up everywhere, and you couldn't really walk through it without being bombarded by jackets of every manner and giant skirts with crazy ruffles. It was AMAZING. And now I totally want to get into the garage, stuff everything up into the attic, and make it into a giant costume storage playland, with an area to make foam latex prosthetics. Yeah.

I've also discovered and joined the local Trek club, which is going to be doing awesome nerdy stuff, like traveling to NASA in Houston to celebrate Star Trek, in uniform, and joining up with a bunch of Klingons in the woods of East Texas for a Bat'leth tournament. No, I'm not making that up. Washington has Bigfoot, we have Klingons. And don't worry...there will be plenty of pics and video.

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