Friday, August 5, 2011

Finishing up!

The Trek costumes are in the home stretch! All that remains now is to add the side and sleeve panels to the Cardassian uniform!

I've finished up the Monster Maroon for the display table, too. In the pics I hadn't yet finished putting on the chain detailing, but I did finish them the next day, so it's all complete. :) The measurements for this uniform are 32-25-34, and is available for sale for $275, and includes the belt. If someone wants to purchase it, I'll be able to send it out directly after the convention is over. :D

Next pictures you'll see will be after I get back from the Convention!


  1. The costume turned out awesome!! Rather I should say costumes! You've done a great job on all of them. I'd love to see the Cardassian officer one in person. Hope we can meet up at the convention. :)

  2. Thank you so much! I managed to move up my makeup application appointment to Thursday night, so I'll be a Cardassian pretty much the entire weekend. :D If you see me in any of my costumes, definitely grab me and say hi! I can't wait to see how your uniform has turned out!