Monday, August 1, 2011


It's marathon sewing season, people, and my brain has become completely addled from all the projects I've been working on.
First off, I finished the blue Cardassian formal gown! :D

I'm quite pleased with it, and it covers me enough that I didn't have to make any new prosthetics. I'm doing that next year, but more on that later.

I also finished the Cardassian prosthetics I'm going to be wearing all day Saturday!

The forehead and chin came from a friend on Trekspace, but the ears, nose, and shoulders are made here in good ol' Texas! One side is pinker than the other because I ran out of colourless latex. ^^; But, all in all, it came together pretty well!

Next in the lineup, the Monster Maroon I'm making for the display table in the dealer's room. This is two or three day's worth of work. I would have done more, but Facebook, Fleet 31, and The Bloggess keep distracting me. And no, I'm not going to clarify. :p

There have also been a pair of Cardassian boots in the works. I started with a pair of $5 flats I bought at Wal-mart. I then made the boot part out of fun foam, detailed the boots with puffy paint, and plasti-dipped them a couple of times. I was going to epoxy them, but didn't want them to get too stiff, but after just plasti-dipping them, I found they were a little too flexible for my liking. So, I reinforced them by Mod Podging some fabric to the inside of the boots. Unfortunately, I'm extremely lazy, and the nearest dark fabric I had was a black and white floral fabric. So, not only am I a fierce Cardassian solider, I am also a pretty, pretty princess.

If any superior officer saw the inside of those boots, I'd be kicked out of the Cardassian military under Section 8. But, at least Klinger would be proud.
Oh, and there are apparently several different styles of Cardassian boots, if you can believe it. There are the ones with the squiggles on them, like the ones I've made, then there are ones with big squares on them. Like I said before, I'm lazy, and the squares would have required more work than I want to do right now, so squiggles it was!

So, I think that's everything. The Monster Maroon will be finished in a couple of days, as will the Cardassian uniform, so after that I intend to collapse for a day or so, before finishing my portfolio for the display and getting some business cards printed out. Oi!

I've also been thinking about the costumes I want to do for Vegas next year. Yeah, I've already started planning for next year. Gotta start early!

1 - Cardassian lady, extensive prosthetics. I want to do this for the Gala, and probably most of the day on Saturday. I want to wear a regular evening gown, something spectacular like Natalie Portman's red dress from the Black Swan premiere, and have prosthetics that cover the chest, arms, and back. Sketches are in the works.

2 - Vedek Winn. Why? Because the hat looks like the Sydney Opera house.

3 - B'etor. Never been a huge fan of Klingons, but she wears armour and an awesome dress.

4 - Which I probably should have listed first, since it's a definite for next assimilated Cardassian! This will probably take the longest to pull together, but I'm really excited for it!

Also, after I get back from the convention, I'm going to start writing a tutorial on how to modify a McCall's jacket pattern into the Monster Maroon jacket, step by step, so look forward to that at some point. I'm going to go pass out for a few hours.


  1. yes, yes -- "assimilated Cardassian!!" Oh, I LOVE that idea beyond belief, and I don't think that is something folks would ever think of! Oh, you could SO carry that off, with ease -- and little sleep! :-)

    Maybe you'll wait until 2013?? I can't make it for 2012...



  2. Hehe, well, I'm going to start work on it immediately, so I have almost an entire year to work on it. And it'll be making other appearances besides next year, so I'm sure you'll get to see it! :D