Monday, September 12, 2011

The Stash Dash Continues - The Teal Contouche

I really had no intentions of working on this gown at all when I started the Stash Dash.  I didn't even remember that I had this fabric!  I had bought it for a friend years ago, and made a very bad gown out of it.  (We'd then invaded New Orleans in our bad gowns and pranced around they they were the best things in the world. At least we felt awesome!)
Anyway, I tore the dress apart, stuffed the fabric into The Stash, and forgot about it. So, of course, while digging around for the de-stashing, I came across it again, and decided to give it a second life.
There was only enough fabric for the gown itself, not the petticoat or stomacher, and Joann's doesn't carry this particular colour of satin anymore, so I had to improvise. I found the fabric online, but instead of the $4.99 I paid for it back in the day, it's now $15/yard!!!  I only ordered a yard so I could finish the sleeves and make a stomacher.
The petticoat is one of the "Chinese brocades" from Joann's, that happened to match the teal of the satin beautifully. They barely had 3 yards on the bolt (2 yards and 30 inches, actually), so I decided to make a very straight, flat petticoat that would use as little fabric as possible.  I used these instructions, and used what fabric I had left after cutting my two main panels to make the sides panels. It wasn't much.  Since I had so little fabric, it turned out very narrow, but it was enough to fit over my panniers!
Stomacher and sleeves will be finished once the fabric arrives, and I'll share pictures of the finished gown then. :)
I've also found it nearly impossible to capture the colour of the satin correctly. It's either too blue or too green, but it's never the same colour that you see in person. So, I took these outside in different lights so you can see how different it looks in different light. I wish I could capture the true colour! The back also looks a little wonky in the middle picture, but that's because the front had become unpinned during all the moving around trying to capture the colour.  It's a bit off kilter. ^^;

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