Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 in Review

Well, it seems that a lot of costumers are doing this, so here's my little 2011 costume review post, in no particular order! :)

The gown of 10,000 pearls!  One of my favourites of this year, it's almost entirely hand sewn. There are still some things I want to add to it, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Black and Gold bustle gown. Not really a new gown, as I made this dress ages ago, but I had pretty much taken it apart and resewn the whole thing, not to mention make a whole new skirt for it, so it counts!

My "Sleepy Hollow" inspired Rococo gown. The original dress was a poorly constructed Robe a la Francaise, which I refitted, made a petticoat and stomacher for, and trimmed.

My first ensemble that could really be considered Steampunk.  Black and white striped satin, copper coloured satin, and a bodice that was three sizes too small. Oops!  Going to have to come up with something new to compliment the skirt, which I'm still totally in love with.

Black and white 50s skirt!  Made on a whim, it's one of my favourite pieces. I wear it all the time!

A simple costume for a Harry Potter party!

The New Year's dress! I technically finished it in 2011, so it still counts!

Cardassian solider!

My Cardassian formal gown!

And my Cardassian civilian look!

So, there it is. I only managed 10 new costumes for myself in 2011, but I did do quite a bit of sewing for other people, so there are a few more costumes under my belt for 2011. I have 10 costumes planned already for 2012, and we'll see how many of those actually end up made, and how many extra things get tacked on! 

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  1. It's going to be hard to top 2011 by the looks of it, but I'm sure you will. Can't wait to see what projects you tackle in 2012!

    (PS Thanks for all the inspiration!)