Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So, I've become completely addicted to making prosthetic appliances. It started before Christmas, when I began working on a Denobulan prosthetic that one of my shipmates from the USS Navras, and it just snowballed from there.
First, I finished the Denobulan set.

There are four pieces in the set - the forehead, the chin, and the two ears. I had so much fun making them, that I decided to do more.

So I made a Romulan.

The plaster cast of this one caused far more trouble than the Denobulan, cracking right through one of the forehead ridges when I tried to pull the plaster. But! I did manage to save it and repair it, and the latex cast looked great.  No pics of the latex on that one, since the foam head is currently occupied. You'll see by what in a moment.

So, after I pulled the Romulan...I made a Bajoran.

This one is currently being cast in latex, even as I write this, and my dear friend and long-time photographer, 10th Muse, has volunteered to let me glue things to her face. So, by the end of the week, I'll have pics of someone actually wearing one of my pieces!

Once the Bajoran was finished, I began to get ambitious. My love of Silurians took over, and I started sculpting.

Unfortunately, once I got to this point, I began mucking around with the side of the head to adjust the shape a bit, aaaaaaand....

...half the face fell off. 

Yeah.  x.x  Thankfully, after a short moment of panic and a couple of hours of repair work, I was able to wrangle the Silurian back into submission. There's quite a bit of re-sculpting I have to do, since most of the scales on the top and on the "horns" were squished while I was trying to save the whole of the sculpt. But, it's back in one piece, and I'm happy with how it's looking. I have already put 7 pounds of clay on the sculpt, and I had to go and buy a couple of more pounds so I can actually sculpt the back, but things are progressing swimmingly!

I'll also be doing a new Cardassian sculpt pretty soon, since I've been commissioned now for a lovely set of scales. :)  I absolutely love this stuff. Like I said, I've become addicted.  Now I need to build up my stock of SFX makeup supplies, like adhesives, removers, brushes, foundations, etc. I've become the unofficial makeup guru for my ship, so I need to have my stuff together!

And, speaking of my ship, guess who made Crew Member of the Month!


  1. whoa that looks really cool! ive been wanting to cosplay a silurian for a while, but i havent really figured out how to start haha. what type of clay did you use for your sculpt?

    1. Thank you! ^^ I used Plastilina, which is a sulphur-free oil-based clay. ^^ It's a little more expensive than water-based clays ($4/pound), but it doesn't dry out and you can reuse it, so it saves in the long run. :)