Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Class A Stitchery

Hooray for field trips I don't get to go on! This means that there's no class on campus, and I have the entire day to do some sewing. :D

I worked some more on the Class A uniform today.  I had spent a good chunk of last night trying to dye some stretch knit from my Stash to the right shade of teal for Starfleet's science division. It took a couple of dye baths, but I finally got it to the right combination of dark green and teal blue dyes.

So, now that I had my fabric, I remade the shirt in the new colour. Since I didn't have any cord to add the detailing at the zipper, I just added extra fabric at the centre front that I could fold under to mimic the same look.  In all, the shirt took maybe an hour or so.

Once that was finished, I started back on the jacket. I attached the other sleeve and redid the detailing at the sleeve head...I wasn't exactly happy with how the sleeve was sitting, so I had to refinagle it, but it seems to be doing right this time.

Most of what I did today took place in the lining, which isn't very exciting and which I didn't bother to take pictures of.  But, I also added the divisional colour bands to the jacket's sleeves, and the shoulder strap, also in divisional colour.

I started in on the detailing next. I added the bias tape to the right side of the jacket front to outline the tan panel.

Then, I attached the lining to the inside of the jacket, added the black bias tape to the left side of the front, and hand-stitched all the divisional colour bands to the jacket.

So, that's where I am right now. I ran out of black thread, or I may have worked a little longer, but I think 12 hours of sewing is enough for one day. x.x Tomorrow it's back to work on commission stuff!

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