Sunday, August 26, 2012

TrekCon Costumes

So, I didn't really have anything new with me for TrekCon this year, costume wise. I brought my Cardassian dress with me, and my Class A uniform, and enough alien foreheads to smother a camel, but nothing new in the clothing department. I did, however, get to play with makeup.

Thursday, I donned my Denobulan makeup and pranced around the con in my Class As. This was my first time doing Denobulan makeup on myself (I had made up my former XO as one for Fan Days last year, though), so there was a lot of experimenting that went on. I had forgotten my reference photo at home, so I had to pretty much colour it by memory. It turned out okay, but since I was tired of standing in front of the mirror, it did get a little sloppy in places. I want to eventually take the proper time to colour and detail a forehead that I'll wear in the future. But, I was really happy with how it turned out, and I received quite a few compliments on it, so I'm overall pleased.

Friday, I donned my Cardassian duds from last year. I played with the makeup, going with a grey skintone instead of the regular fleshtone that I had last year. While it received a lot of good feedback, it washed out horribly in photos, and I could not get the makeup to set, so it ended up getting everywhere. It'll probably be the last time I go totally grey like that. I'll probably opt more for a greyish flesh colour instead.

Saturday, I had planned to wear the red dress again, but I found a hole in a seam that I didn't feel like fixing, so I wore my Class As again. I changed the tone of the Cardassian makeup back to a sort of greyish fleshtone, which ended up doing much better in photos. It's still not quite as grey as I'd like, but I was really pleased with the pics from Saturday.

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