Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween at Work!

I know I haven't been active here lately, and the truth is that I've been bogged down in a creativity rut. I come up with lots of ideas, and have a day or so of, "YEAH! I'm so gonna get this done!" and then I fizzle and just end up staring at the door to the sewing room going, "buh, I just don't want to go in there". I'm hoping I can snap myself out of it soon, but really, I don't have much of a drive to do anything lately. :-/

But, I did get myself spiffed up for costume day at work. I decided that hey, now that it's actually finished, I should take the Red Francaise out for a spin! No, I didn't end up doing much actual work that day. But I looked pretty, and that's what really counts. ;)


  1. You do look pretty! And I think it's excusable to not get much work done on Halloween. I'm wearing my late 1780s outfit right now, waiting to go to school, and I doubt class will be very productive today.
    Did you have any trouble with sitting or walking through doors?

    1. Nah, the store has plenty of space for me to move around. The only trouble I did have was with my stays - I made them aaaaaaages ago, and they no longer fit my measurements, so they were super uncomfortable. Still, it was totally worth it. XD