Sunday, November 17, 2013

5th Annual DFWCG Georgian Picnic

It seems that I'm making up for all the non-sewing and non-event going that I've been doing this year, all crammed into just a few months. And there's been a distinct lack of historical costuming on this blog lately, so to remedy that, here are some pics from the Georgian Picnic! I was only able to attend for a few hours today, since I had to work in the afternoon, but at least I got to spend a little time with my fellow costumers and do a little bit of catching up.

First off, I had awesome hair:

I only have chin-length hair, so most of that is false hair. I'll be posting a tutorial on how to achieve tall hair in the near future, I just have to find the time to take all the photos. ^^

I did a last minute sewing dash, and managed to make the Curtain Along caraco wearable for the picnic. There are definitely some things that I want to improve on, like adding trim to the front, finishing the comprere stomacher with some nice buttons, and putting some trim on the sleeves, but I was still extremely happy with how it turned out.

This might as well have been called the Regency Picnic, the majority of the people that came today were in Regency gowns. There were some lovely Pelisse jackets, a couple of lovely chemise dresses, and several members of the Jane Austen Society joined us today, adding to the Regency fun.

The Curtain-Along was well represented! Lady C and I had both made caracos, from the same cream colorway and even from the same Janet Arnold pattern! You can see how different they turned out, though. It's always fun to see how two different costumers approach a similar project. 

 Next event is the Children's Medical Center Holiday Parade, which I will be marching in along with DFW's members of the 1701st Fleet. It's going to be cold and rainy that day, and while I'm tempted to just make a new uniform and forgo the makeup, I've already committed to showing up in my full Cardassian regalia, which means I have to make something nice and warm to wear in all the gloomy weather. Stay tuned for more Stash Dash sewing.

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